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Carpet Cleaning


Here at spotless carpet cleaning we are determined to offer you the best type of clean for your carpets. We use only the best and most advanced methods, solutions and equipment on today’s market all to provide you with the best possible service.

Stage 1 pre vacuuming

A very thorough vacuuming of the whole area is essential to remove as much of the dry soil debris and dust as possible before we start the clean.

Stage 2 pre spray

The carpet is then pre sprayed with our chosen solution for your type of carpet and then left to dwell for 5-10 minuets

Stage 3 the agitation

After the pre spray has had sufficient dwell time the agitation process can begin this is where we use a contra-rotating bush machine to brush the pre spray in loosen up all the soil and lift the pile.

Stage 4 spot and stain removal

The next step after the agitation is to go round each and every spot/stain individually and treat each one. We carry 20-30 different spot and stain solutions on the van to ensure we remove as many as possible.

Stage 5 rinse and extract

After the spot and stain it’s time to rinse and extract all the soil from your carpet using the most powerful machines on today’s market. Which is a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine capable of 3000psi water pressure, 240degree heat and immense vacuum power to lift all of the soil and solutions from within the carpet fibres.

Stage 6 drying the carpet

After the rinse and extract the carpet will dry naturally within 2 hours however we like to go that extra mile and leave it totally dry. So we can place air movers in the room to circulate fresh air and a faster drying time leaving you with nice clean dry carpets ready for use.